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Insightful, confrontational and connecting projects consist o.o. of (interactive) installations, light, film and digital works.

The installations and social cultural art of Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets art is based on some of the following theme’s: a.o. freedom, story-telling, connection and technology.

The art on this website gives an overview of the last 5 years. More info.

Out of your mind

Contribution on: Get Out Of Your skull 2.0
3-19 May: Zilverhof, Ghent, Belgium
1-5 July: ArtSpace at Arti et Amicitiae Foundation, Amsterdam
8-17 July: de Cultuurhoek, Driebergen
12 Oktober – 3 November: byBranderhorst, Dordrecht

House 2
An installation filled with glimmers of hope.
The rooms in House 2 will be filled with small works of arts. They represent small moments of happiness and hope of/for people while enduring hardship.
The rooms reveal themselves through distant movement and sensors.

-November 2022. “Art Month Ameland”
-August 2022. Het Franz Pfanner Huis, Arcen: “De wondere wereld van Andrea”

99 participants shared their stories, their sparkle of joy .

43 Are preserved as small art works, inside the rooms of House 2.
Do you want to participate?:

Open Call:
What is the small thing that makes you happy or gives you hope, when you’ve had enough?
Mail your story to
Your contribution might become a glimmer of hope in a house filled with hope for the future.

Caminostones is an Art Project which connects and inspires people by their stories and miniature painted stones.
The traveling and resting stones are layed out on International Art Routes.

2015: Project Stone Espalion (Fr.) – Santiago de Compostella (ES)
2016: Floris5- Trail (NL)
2017: Pieterpad (NL)
2019: Maastricht (NL) – Santiago (ES)
2021: Caminostones Via de la Plata (ES}


Caminostones 2019

Northern light
Prototype of an ongoing project. A semi-transparant painting, which combines solitude and a real time moving Aurora.

Participation: (technics)Jelle Haandrikman.

A Forest awakening
Acrylic paint, tree bark, rice paper, linen, LED lighting.

8 t/m 29 March 2020: exhibited in the Chapel, Reuver

Inside the box, outside
Interactive video-installation which presents freedom in Limburg (the Netherlands), through an overview off 75 interviewed people. It confronts the viewer with it’s own reactions to these stories…..
The participation of: Jacqueline Martens (Film) and TDvenlo (technics), o.a. Jelle Haandrikman.

8-9 December 2019, ECI Roermond: Vrijheid in Kunst, in honor of 35 years of Art Circle Artimosa.

-9-12 January: Limburg Film Festival
-June – July 2020 Museum van Bommel van Dam, Klaasstraat 38, 5911 JR Venlo

Free Birds 2

An inviting for participants to meet their own sense of freedom through an uniquely created free bird sculpture…
The Free Birds projects consists of a flock of 128 birds.


Free Bird 23 (10 x 21 x 14 cm.) Sold
Free Bird 9 (8 x 13,7 x 13,5 cm.) Sold

Free Birds 1

Installation which combines freedom, painting, sculpture, light and semi transparancy.

Mixed media, canvas, lace, juten and light.
ca. 210 x 80 cm.

Free Birds 1


A 120 days Art project. Through the dark Winter Days every day one miniature was painted and one haiku written.
After 120 days, this time lapse revealeda complete painting.
Info and 120 miniatures and haiku’s in detail.

45-84 cm. Canvas


-Jelle Haandrikman
-Robert van den Munckhof.
-Music by Scott Altham “Never Heard a Rhyme Like This Before”

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