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The art of Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets is characterized by a use of diverse media, based in a traditional visual art practice in acrylic paintings.

Theme’s in her paintings are: a.o. stories, searches for insight and contradictions based in nature.
Her versatile work combines contrasting  materials,  rough and refined, opaque and transparent materials. 
A reflection of reality that  appears to be transparent and clear, but is only partly. The art work changes, under different circumstances.

The art on this website gives an overview of the last 5 years. More info.

A series dedicated to women. This series is dedicated to specific persons or symbolic representations of powerful women.
In these images, nature symbolizes and enhances the strength and softness of these female role models. Impenetrable and transparent materials are combined in these new series.

“Corset for Frida”
The 6th in a new series dedicated to powerful women (2022).

o.o. mixed media, acrylic glass and fabric.

“Cloak of steel and blossom”
The fifth in the series of art works dedicated to powerful women (2022).

o.o. Corten steel, mixed media.

“Samue voor Hokke-Sennin”
This fourth in the series of art works dedicated to powerful women, is dedicated to Hokke-Sennin. This hermit lived in the mountains on the Shikoku Island in Japan. Close to where she lived there a temple was constructed, as part of the 88 temple route on the island. The legend about her life and the temple forms part of the legends and stories about the 88 temples

o.o. juten, mixed media.

“In to the wind”
The third of a new series of art works dedicated to powerful women.
(2nd half, 2021).

o.o. Corten steel, mixed media.

“Steel top”
The second in a series of works dedicated to powerful women
(2nd half, 2021).

o.o. Corten steel, mixed media.

“Kimono for Hangaku Gozen”
The first in the series of works dedicated to powerful women
(2nd half, 2021).
In this series strength and softness are combined. Impenetrable and transparent, this is the first symbol for female power in this serie.
This kimono is dedicated to Hangaku Gozen, a female samurai from the 19th century.

o.o. Corten steel, Acrylic glass, mixed media.

Dreams of Shikoku is a new series, inspired by the stories and legends surrounding the 88th temple route in Japan.
These dreams form the starting point of an art project in Japan. The project will be carried out in the autumn of 2023

Oyako-matsu / Dreams of Shikoku / 5″
Oyako-matsu is the name for this generation tree, as it is recalled to have been seen close to temple 7.

o.o. Corten steel, fabric, acrylic paint mixed media.
122 x 43 cm.

Zentsū-ji/ Dreams of Shikoku 4″
Chōmei-sugi is the name of the 75th temple on the temple route. The place is known as the birthplace of Kōbō-Daishi.

o.o. Corten steel,linen, acrylic paint mixed media.
128 x 72 cm.

Chōmei-sugi/ Dreams of Shikoku 1″
Chōmei-sugi is the name of a holy tree, it can be found close to a temple called Gokuraku-ji.

o.o. Corten steel, juten, acrylic paint mixed media.
115 x 81 cm.

Tarachine ichō / Dreams of Shikoku / 2
Tarachine ichō is the name of a holy tree, it can be found close to the 5th temple on the Shikoku island in Japan.

o.o. Canvas, juten, mixed media, acrylic paint.
120 x 50 cm.

“Tree of St. Walrick (blue)”
Contribution/ Open call “Sweet Devotion” /Museum de Mindere /

acrylic paint, mixed media (a.o. parts of a face mask).
14,8 x 10,5 cm.

“Met pen en veer”
Honourable mention / Haiga /Paul Mercken price 2021 / Haiku Kring Nederland

Linnen, acryl, mixed media.
59.5 x 30 cm.

Caminostones is a continuous Art Project which connects and inspires people by their stories and miniature painted stones.
The stones stones are layed out on International Art Routes.

2015: Project Stone Espalion (Fr.) – Santiago de Compostella (ES)
2016: Floris5- Trail (NL)
2017: Pieterpad (NL)
2019: Maastricht (NL) – Santiago (ES)
2021: Via de la Plata (ES)

Upcoming projects:
2023: Caminostones Shikoku island (Japan)


Caminostones 2019

“The Dreamcatcher”
Part of a serie of partly transparant works.

“Zoet, zoute zeewind
waait haar overpeinzing in.
De lucht breekt open.”

Acryl, mixed media.

Free Bird (5)
Acrylic paint
The 5th Free bird and the 6th part of a new serie about a.o. freedom. The art works are carried out in diverse media.

Free Bird (3)
Acrylic paint

The bird(s)
Mixed media

Profound love
Part 7 of the serie semi-transparants.
o.o. acrylic paint, metal and mixed media

There’s always the sun
Semi-transparant art.

o.o. acrylic paint, mixed media.

While passing by (2)

Acrylic paint, mixed media

Detail “While passing by (2)

While passing by (1)

Acrylic paint, mixed media

Free Birds 1
A work which combines freedom, painting, sculpture, light and semi transparancy.

Mixed media, canvas, lace, juten and light.
ca. 210 x 80 cm.

Free Birds 1

Outside the box, inside

290-85 cm. o.o. Canvas, metal, jute.

Summer light
Counterpart of “Winter light”
(Part 2 of the semi-transparants)

115 x 65 cm. Metal, wood, acrylic glass.

Main component of this semi-transparant, semi-flating work is jute.

The tree is non transparant, its roots seem to be firmly founded in more solid material. its ending are fading in the jute.
The air offers more and more openings to a world beyond.

This is the first work in the new serie of semi-transparants.

115 x 65 cm. Mixed media & jute

Cathedral (2)

Cathedrals in nature.

150 x 65 cm. Mixed media, canvas

The unraveling

100 x 50 cm. Mixed media, canvas

Handmade Desires

21 x 15 cm 23 bij 57.
Art “on the road”, continuous project.

This painting is part of a serie in which hands and trees symbolize subjects, such as contrasts and forces.

Acryl, MDF, staal en roest
166 x 50,5 cm

Control Vs Release

120 x 40 cm. Mixed media, canvas
A painting with contrasting directions.

The overstretched

120 x 50 cm. Mixed media, Canvas

Without title

120 x 50 cm. Mixed media, canvas.

A 120 days Art project. Through the dark Winter Days every day one miniature was painted and one haiku written.
After 120 days, this time lapse revealeda complete painting.
Info and 120 miniatures and haiku’s in detail.

45-84 cm. Canvas

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