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Insightful and connecting projects consist o.o. of (interactive) installations, with light, film and digital works.

The installations of Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets are based on some of the following theme’s: freedom, story-telling and confrontation.

The art on this website gives an overview of the last 5 years. More info.

House 2
An installation filled with glimmers of hope.
The rooms in House 2 will be filled with small works of arts. They represent small moments of happiness and hope of/for people while enduring hardship.
The rooms reveal themselves through distant movement and sensors.

Interactive installation, mixed media.
237,5 x 96 x 111 cm.

Exhibit: November 2022. More info soon

Introducing “House 2”:

Northern light
Prototype of an ongoing project. A semi-transparant painting, which combines solitude and a real time moving Aurora.

Participation: (technics)Jelle Haandrikman.

A Forest awakening
Acrylic paint, tree bark, rice paper, linen, LED lighting.

8 t/m 29 March 2020: exhibited in the Chapel, Reuver

Inside the box, outside
Interactive video-installation which presents freedom in Limburg (the Netherlands), through an overview off 75 interviewed people. It confronts the viewer with it’s own reactions to these stories…..
The participation of: Jacqueline Martens (Film) and TDvenlo (technics), o.a. Jelle Haandrikman.

8-9 December 2019, ECI Roermond: Vrijheid in Kunst, in honor of 35 years of Art Circle Artimosa.

-9-12 January: Limburg Film Festival
-June – July 2020 Museum van Bommel van Dam, Klaasstraat 38, 5911 JR Venlo

Free Birds 1
A work which combines freedom, painting, sculpture, light and semi transparancy.

Mixed media, canvas, lace, juten and light.
ca. 210 x 80 cm.

Free Birds 1

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